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Cockpit Retail


Empower our retail partners to drive our business to customers and increase incremental revenue

Retailers work on commission model and desire accurate income details to avoid manual bookkeeping and let them focus on the business​​​​​​​


Onboard non-tech-savvy retailers in using smart phones to sell products and provide services to GP’s customers and drive businesses

Retailers work on commission model and desires accurate income details to avoid manual bookkeeping


300,000+ Retailers adopted to date

15% of Balance Recharges via App as of Q3-2021


Retailers are frustrated by inaccurate commission information received from the USSD a system, so they have to tediously keep track of their businesses

Retailers are habituated to using to low-cost button phones to make transactions request information from GP’s system, which often didn’t matched their own personal bookkeeping efforts.

The objective was to remove these manual burdens from them so that they can focus on their sales and not on tediously tracking information

Ideate & Prototype

It was crucial to design the information architecture before we went any deeper. We card sorted the insights from our research to do this, and with stakeholder vision in mind – we crafted a modular structure that would allow us to add or remove features as needed.

With the IA in place, we worked on paper sketches to iterate quickly and testing in-house to iron out major kinks in our ideas. Some design variations resonated more with our retailers than others, and those we built on.